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Domers Has Updated Their Website

Every Domers Construction project is custom designed.  Each customer has unique needs, desires and challenges in their homes.

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3-D Walkthrough

We are so excited to share the first 3-D tour of one of our projects. You can actually move through the hall to see the renovation of the relaxing sitting room, patio, bedroom and luxurious bathroom.

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Creating Space for Yourself

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget about taking time to care for yourself. Domers Construction can help you remember to do just that by creating a personalized space just for you! Anything from sewing, to crafting to working out.

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Modernizing Every Aspect of Your Home

Technology can be integrated into the design of every room of your home. Adding a speaker to your bathroom can create an inviting space you never want to leave.

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Redesign Your Home in 2019

Our unique Design – Build process ensures the perfect lighting plans for your project, including the unique use of natural light.

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