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Custom Firepit and Patio

Creating a SAFER way to Work

Domers Construction response to and protocol for, getting back to work in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic.
  • Safety Checklist
  • Job Site Protocol
  • Job Site Signage
  • Daily Wellness Check Ins
  • Understanding Risk Level Scenarios
  • Virtual Services



Design activities will continue but on a virtual basis. We will be using zoom video conferencing, with screen sharing capabilities. With the current technology in place we can easily share images, site plans and conduct productive meetings to keep the projects on track.

Prospective Clients:

I am excited to begin engaging new prospects with virtual planning meetings. These challenging times will (eventually) come to an end. The need for enhancing the enjoyment of your own home has never been greater. I am here to do my part and welcome the opportunity to speak with you or someone you know that may need some remodeling support.


The safety of our employees, Clients, and Trade Partners is our Number One Priority. To ensure our job sites strictly follow our safety protocols, we are committing to complying with the following checklist each day:

  • Confirm proper signage at each designated job site entrance.
  • Confirm 10 Point Plan for a Safer Job Site are posted at a visible location in or around the construction site.

Daily Expectations

  • Ensure 6-foot separation
  • Stop working immediately if groups are congregated and ask for everyone to separate.
  • Wear masks at all times while on site.
  • Inspect hand wash/sanitizer stations outside of the construction site, and ensure soap/sanitizer dispensers are full and functional.
  • Maintain project containment to create separation from occupied area of the home.
  • If you need to break containment, you must first wash hands and put on a clean mask.
  • Ensure that sharing of tools or equipment between workers is not occurring without careful disinfection.
  • Ensure that paper copies are not being shared. This includes construction drawings, cut sheets, specifications, etc.
  • IF you need additional paper copies please let us know.
  • Ensure no common or communal water, coffee, or food is being used, other than to wash.
  • Do not allow sharing of cups, pens, pencils, plan plan-sets, tablets, laptops, tools, or any other items that may carry germs.
  • Identify and direct cleaning of any potential impacted or contaminated areas in the community.
  • Ensure frequently that all touched surfaces, such as countertops, door knobs, cell phones, tools, keypads, etc are disinfected regularly.
  • Ensure products being used say “disinfectant” on the label and are certified as a COVID-19 cleaning product.
  • Ensure the following supplies are stocked at all times: hand soap, hand sanitizer, paper towels and disinfectant spray (i.e. Lysol, Clorox etc.)


    • Construction areas will have routine cleaning each day with “disinfectant” products certified as a  COVID-19 cleaner.
    • Maintain project containment to create separation from occupied area of the home.
    • If anyone from inside the active site needs to break containment, they must first wash hands and put on a clean mask.
    • All workers will take break and lunch outside and shall maintain social distancing of 6 feet during that time.
    • Tobacco products, sunflower shells, or any other product that causes excessive “spitting” is strictly prohibited on or around job site.
    • Daily wellness checks are mandatory to anyone entering the active jobsite (including homeowners):
    • This includes a non non-contact fever scan, and to ensure no one is exhibiting signs of illness including cough, fever or shortness of breath.
    • Sharing of hand tools or equipment between workers should not be allowed.
    • In the event tool sharing is necessary -the following sequence should take place: wash hands, clean tools, wash hands again.
    • The site supervisor shall monitor & enforce compliance by the job site workers. The site super will notify management personnel of noncompliance & address the situation immediately.
    • Routine inspections in and around the active site throughout the day to make sure all personnel are practicing social distancing , including DC employees, trade partners or third parties visiting the site; this includes routine inspections to identify any additional cleaning needs or areas.
    • Stop work immediately if groups are congregated and ask for everyone to separate.
    • Should the 6’ social distancing requirement not be able to be maintained due to the nature of the work, other acceptable and appropriate personal protection equipment must be used.
    • All wash stations will be checked each work day by the sanitary service company to ensure soap dispensers are full.
    • Mandatory handwashing of at least twenty (20) seconds for workers during the following:
    1. Before workers begin work
    2. After workers remove gloves
    3. Before and after the use of shared items such as tools or multi multi-user devices
    4. Before and after any meal or restroom breaks
    5. After a worker’s shift or time ends

      Your Safety is Our #1 Priority

      One Trade at a Time Per Home.
      Please Practice Social Distancing.
      No more than 4 individuals on a job site at a time.


        Daily Procedures:

        • Wellness Check In is required, on a daily basis, for all employees, trade partners and anyone (including home owners) that enter the active site.

        The process includes:

        • A non-contact temporal scan -must read 100.4 or lower to be allowed to enter.
        • Check for and ask about any health symptoms. Including:
        1. Shortness of breath
        2. Cough
        3. Fever
        • Mandatory Questions regarding:
        1. Travel (out of state or country)
        2. Exposure or contact to any know person that has tested positive for COVID-19 or that has been quarantined in the past 14 days.
        • Site Super to record the name of the individual and the company they work for along with their temperature and the responses to the check in.

        What happens if there is direct exposure or a positive result?

        • Should a temperature read over 100.4 or any visible symptoms of COVID be exhibited, the individual will not be permitted onto onto the job.

        Protocol for discovery for exposure to a person probable or confirmed COVID-19:

        • Close off areas visited by the person who is a probable or confirmed case of COVID-19. Open outside doors and windows and use ventilation fans to increase air circulation in the area. Wait a minimum of 24 hours, or as long as practical, before beginning cleaning and disinfection.
        • If anyone becomes sick during the work day, they will be sent home immediately; Surfaces in their workspace will be cleaned and disinfected disinfected.
        • Others at the site with close contact within 6 feet during this time would be considered exposed and notified.