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Our Design Build Process




Award-Winning Construction


Beginning with our initial consultation, we seek to learn what is important to you. We are committed to continuity, prudent planning and maintaining open lines of communication throughout your project.

We take pride in treating your house as if it were our own. Our unique process reflects those values.


Our clients tell us how much they enjoy the creative and collaborative environment we create during the entire process. The ultimate goal is to run design AND pricing in a parallel sequence. This helps us to produce an efficient and transparent work flow. Here's how it works:

Preliminary Consultation

We'll visit your home to discuss potential scope, a desired investment range, and important decision making factors (i.e. timelines, etc) and any questions you may have for us. The goal is to establish a good mutual fit across a number of high level priorities. Your comfort is essential in our ability to move ahead.

Design LOA

If we agree to move the process along: The Letter of Agreement (LOA) for design will be presented and executed. This will outline the phases of design work and the associated costs. There will never be anything presented that we haven't previously discussed. We promise - NO surprises!

Survey & Feasibility

We measure your house - inside and out. We review existing conditions and local codes. We talk to your township to identify restrictions. The primary objective is to determine what we can and can NOT build.


This is basis of information for schematics as we move forward. We will ask you lots of questions to better understand you needs, wants and wishes.


A series of meetings that will bring your visions to life. We will provided multiple design options with real time investment ranges. You will see the project morph from hand drawn sketches to a cad generated blueprint to a 3d mass model. Your approval on drawing concepts and construction budget will bring schematics to a conclusion.

Design Development

We go on shopping trips and start making deeper dives into the selections, materials and elements that will be used in the project. We will further refine pricing based on the actual material selections to keep you informed as we get closer to construction.

Construction Documents

Engineering, blueprints, specifications, trade-partner walk throughs. This phase of the process concludes with the signed and sealed permit set of plans.

Construction Agreement

The final piece of the puzzle. We will review the details of the agreement together to ensure everyone understands (and is comfortable) with the terms of the document. Once executed - we will apply for the appropriate permits and schedule the work.

Pre-Construction Meeting

A week or so prior to the commencement of the project - we will meet on site to discuss logositics, access, dumpster placement, etc. This has been helpful to ensure expectations are being set AND met.


Finally! The months of planning will turn into reality right before your eyes!! We will continue to communicate frequently through calls, texts, emails, impromptu walk throughs and scheduled weekly meetings.

Comprehensive Warranty

Our commitment to service doesn't end after the last punchlist is completed. . . it begins. Every project is entitled to a two year comprehensive workmanship and material warranty that covers everything we've supplied and installed!!