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Is it time for an addition?

In looking back at some of our recent projects - we thought it would be fun to share a few of the top reasons our clients are putting additions on their home and challenges they were facing.  Do any of these resonate with you?!


Growing FamiliesOpen Concept

Do you have to wait in line to use the bathroom? 

Are there multiple sets of bunk beds?

Is that little bundle of joy (a.k.a. - the surprise child!) suddenly on its way and you are out of bedrooms?

Aging Parents Moving In

Do you have to get dressed just to walk through your house?

Did you see more of your mother–in-law than you ever wanted to?

Home Office NeedsKitchen with office

Did your kid get more face time than you on your last ZOOM call?

Do you need to go outside just to take a phone call?

Do you have a deadbolt on your “office” door to keep everyone out?


Empty NestLiving Room


The kids and their mess are finally gone.  Are you ready to enjoy the "empty nest"?

Do you realize you want more privacy when your kids and grandkids visit?


Too much stuff

Has your car never actually been inside your garage?

Do you want to reclaim your basement as a Game Day zone?


If you or anyone you know needs some help sorting out the evolving needs of your family - and you don’t want to move - let us help.  Please fill out a contact form - and we will be in touch with you soon to get the process started!