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What Can We Learn from This Incredible Phillies Team?

The Phillies took us on an amazing run this season. We were in awe of MV3’s heroics, cheered 488 ft Shwar-bombs, and were amazed by Alvarado’s 100+ mph fastballs. But that’s not why this team was able to put together such an improbable run. There are key takeaways from the 2022 Phillies that were crucial to their success and these lessons can applied in life and in business.


Success is the Sum of All Parts

The Phils balanced management, great pitching, solid defense, and aggressive hitting to prove that all phases of the game are equally important to winning.

At Domers Construction, we balance the design and construction processes with a team of professionals that strive to fulfill the promise of exceptional service, beautiful design, master craftsmanship, and respect for your budget – all important aspects to your happiness and satisfaction.


The Power of Playing for Each Other

This Phillies team was comprised of home-grown talent, newly acquired stars, seasoned veterans, and impactful rookies. This mixture of skill and experience cultivated a camaraderie that grew stronger as the season wore on, fostering confidence that each member of the team would fulfill their role.

Like the Phillies, our diverse team of specialists, craftsmen, and trade partners rely on each other’s expertise and experience and work closely together to ensure the cohesiveness and continuity of every project. This trust and mutual respect bonds all of us as we grow and learn from each other.


Bold and Confident Leadership Sets the Tone

Phillies manager Rob “Topper” Thompson took over the underachieving team 50 games into this season. Topper’s quiet yet confident demeanor allowed his young players and established veterans to find their individual roles to excel as a unified team.


Domers Constructions’ management team allows each trade partner to bring their own expertise and individual personality to the job site to make the most effective impact on the project as a whole.


Make the Most of the Opportunity at Hand

The 2022 playoff structure expanded by adding two wild card teams this year for the first time in history. The Phillies were the 6th and final team added to the playoff round. They seized their opportunity and made the most of every game on their way to the World Series!


Domers Construction views every project as an opportunity to make an impact. Every single client has a distinct set of goals, experiences, and priorities. Therefore, it's up to us to customize each program individually so that we can deliver the most value when the time is right!


Home Field Advantage

It’s been reported that the crowd at Citizen’s Bank Park was so raucous at big moments in the series that they registered as earthquakes on the Penn State – Brandywine seismograph station!


Your home is your home. We respect and love that. It makes our jobs easier when we’re able to design with the help of your passionate input and participation in the process. There is no experience like your home!