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What Can We Learn from This Incredible Phillies Team?

The Phillies took us on an amazing run this season. We were in awe of MV3’s heroics, cheered 488 ft Shwar-bombs, and were amazed by Alvarado’s 100+ mph fastballs. But that’s not why this team was able to put together such an improbable run. There are key takeaways from the 2022 Phillies that were crucial to their success and these lessons can applied in life and in business.

Is it time for an addition?

In looking back at some of our recent projects - we thought it would be fun to share a few of the top reasons our clients are putting additions on their home and challenges they were facing.  Do any of these resonate with you?!


Mudroom entry leading into the "heart" of the home

2021 was another challenging year for so many of us and for so many different reasons. But one thing that was consistent for all of us was the increased amount of time we spent under our own roofs.

Outdoor Living Space is Quickly Becoming the Favorite “Room” in the House

Outdoor living is becoming quite a trend of late, and for good reason!  It has given families and friends a place to come together a little more safely during the COVID pandemic; it extends the functional space of the home; and it can offer better connectivity and flow to interior entry points.  From a remodeling perspective, outdoor living can be as simple as a poured concrete patio or as involved as creating a full addition to the home.    

Creating a SAFER way to Work
Domers Construction response to and protocol for, getting back to work in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic.
  • Safety Checklist
  • Job Site Protocol
  • Job Site Signage
  • Daily Wellness Check Ins
  • Understanding Risk Level Scenarios
  • Virtual Services


Lessons can be found in the strangest places….

Lessons in life can appear in many situations.  Here is one that recently happened to me that I would like to share with you.  

A couple weeks ago there was a driving rain that threatened my plan to run that afternoon. I began a quest to find a treadmill and found a small hole in my schedule so I was able to hit the gym and snuck in a quick run.  After my workout, I was drawn into a conversation with an older man in the locker room. I had never seen this guy before, but his cool and seemingly carefree demeanor was oddly refreshing.