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Taking the Process Home
2018 was incredible year for not only Domers Construction, but also for the Domers’s family.  I had an opportunity to team up with a local builder (Craft Custom Homes) and construct a new house for my family.  Our brood of six no longer fit into the cozy (i.e. small) three-bedroom, one and a half bath colonial we had lived in and quickly outgrew over the past decade. 
Collaborative Designs: The Kitchen

Home remodeling design – when done right - is a calculated and complicated process.  But it is fun and exciting as well.  In order to ensure each project is unique, specific and most importantly, successful – we ask a lot of questions and spend most of our time listening to you.  We understand that there is great variety in personal taste, style, home and neighborhood.   That means our design needs to be creative and adaptable.  Our clients appreciate the collaborative process and personalized des

Looking Back, Looking Forward

As the owner of a small growing business and the father of a small growing family (in years, not numbers…) it’s a constant struggle to maintain balance and remain grounded.  Things move so fast anymore, especially during the holiday season, and it is easy to lose sight of not only where we came from but also where we are heading. 


Blending the Old with the New

We recently completed an extensive whole home renovation that more than doubled the useable size of the existing house. The client loved the style and feel of their older home but wanted more space. Their challenge to us was to create “connectivity” between rooms by blending the old with the new. 


Integrating a New Kitchen Seamlessly with Existing Home Design
Several of our clients have worked with us on whole-house remodels – an ideal way to update and upgrade to a new home, without having to move.
Domers Has Updated Their Website

Every Domers Construction project is custom designed.  Each customer has unique needs, desires and challenges in their homes.
We enjoy assessing each project – designing and building a solution that our clients can enjoy for their lives.
We invite you to view some of the recent work for inspiration for your next project, including a 3-D tour on our updated website.